Bitcoin on Track to Reach $1 Million in Next Cycle?

29. März 2023

• Bitcoin has a predetermined monetary issuance schedule, which cuts the rate of newly issued coins every 210,000 blocks – roughly once every 4 years.
• According to crypto analyst filbfilb, these halving cycles could lead to new tops of over $200,000 per coin in 2025 and $500,000 per coin in 2029.
• Bitcoin could be valued so highly due to institutional demand and its position as a store of value.

Understanding Bitcoin’s Halving Cycle

Bitcoin has a predetermined monetary issuance schedule designed to cut the rate of newly issued coins every 210,000 blocks – roughly once every 4 years. These „halvings“ are known to be major catalysts for Bitcoin bull markets and have been linked with sending the asset to new all-time highs within two years after their arrival. Crypto analyst filbfilb on Twitter has used data from past cycles to form a „Bitcoin price curve“ from which new cycle tops and bottoms can be approximated. Going by this curve, he projects that Bitcoin will reach over $200,000 per coin in 2025 and up to $500,000 per coin in 2029.

Why Could Bitcoin Reach Such High Values?

The potential for such high valuations is based on institutional demand for Bitcoin as well as its position as a store of value. Institutional investors are increasingly turning towards cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin due to its digital scarcity compared with fiat currencies and other assets such as gold which can be debased or diluted at any time by central banks or governments looking for economic stimulus options during times of recession or market volatility. Additionally, many believe that Bitcoin is well positioned to become an even more attractive option than gold when it comes to long-term investments given its limited supply cap (21 million coins).

Factors That Could Affect Valuation

Various external factors may also affect the valuation of Bitcoin going forward including geopolitical tensions between major world powers such as the US and China; global macroeconomic conditions; regulatory developments; technological advancements; public sentiment towards digital assets; competition from altcoins; etc., all of which could potentially present opportunities or obstacles for further adoption and appreciation in price.


It is difficult make accurate predictions about how much one bitcoin might be worth several years from now but it appears that there is potential for very high valuations based on past performance data and current trends in institutional demand. The next few years should bring some interesting developments that will provide insight into whether or not these lofty goals are possible within the next cycle or two

HeartX Launches Web3 Marketplace and Community to Revolutionize Digital Art

21. März 2023

• HeartX, formerly known as ArteX, has recently rebranded and unveiled a groundbreaking web3 marketplace and community that empowers artists, collectors, art consultants and art lovers to redefine the value of digital art.
• The HeartX platform provides a secure, immersive, and transparent space for creating, sharing, and trading digital artworks.
• It also has a unique art evaluation system which encourages users to participate by rating digital artwork pieces with tokens as rewards.


HeartX (formerly known as ArteX) is a trailblazer in the digital art industry that has recently rebranded and unveiled an innovative web3 marketplace and community that seeks to revolutionize the value of digital art.

Features of HeartX Platform

The platform provides a secure, immersive, and transparent space for creating, sharing,and trading digital artworks catering to artists, collectors, and the web 3 community alike. Its user-friendly interface allows artists to upload their NFT-based digital art pieces for global audiences to explore and purchase.

Vote-to-Earn System

The Vote-to-Earn system allows users to show their taste and support by voting on artwork pieces thereby earning tokens as rewards. This feature fosters closer ties between creators, collectors and art lovers while also incentivizing participation in the online art community.

First Season Launch

The team announces the launch of HeartX’s first season which introduces features designed to enhance user engagement such as its “vote-to-earn” model where users earn tokens from voting on artwork pieces.


HeartX’s unique features provide an opportunity for people in the digital arts industry to experience true ownership over their artwork while also connecting them with other likeminded individuals in an interactive environment that is both secure and transparent.

USDC Recovers to $0.95, Bitcoin Reclaims $20K: Weekend Watch

13. März 2023

• USDC is the best performing top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap for the past 24 hours.
• The turmoil around USDC continues, although it recovered to about $0.95 as Circled issued a reassuring statement.
• Silicon Valley Bank holds a massive $3.3 billion of the cash reserves backing USDC, which may be causing disruption in the market.

USDC Performance

The past 24 hours saw the cryptocurrency market take a bit of a breather as it managed to recover around $16 billion in terms of its total capitalization. Out of these, USDC is the best performer amid the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap for this period. Although there is still some turbulence surrounding this stablecoin, it managed to recover to approximately $0.95 after Circle provided reassurances regarding its peg and stability.

Silicon Valley Bank Involvement

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is one of the largest financial institutions in fintech, but was recently shut down by regulators due to undisclosed issues. It turns out that Circle holds almost $3.3 billion of cash reserves that back USDC at SVB – suggesting that until these issues are resolved (if ever), USDC might not have perfect 1-to-1 parity with USD currency as intended from its inception.

Bitcoin Reclaims 20K Mark

Further developments in the cryptocurrency world saw Bitcoin reclaiming its spot above $20K mark over the weekend – investors bet on continued institutional funding into 2021 and beyond with BTC’s halving event just months away now and likely driving prices up further in anticipation for this much-awaited event in crypto land!

Ethereum and Litecoin Onward Movements

Ethereum also had some good news over the weekend – developers began launching their own blockchain applications on Ethereum 2’s mainnet ahead of schedule and created new opportunities for developers who want to create dApps using ETH’s blockchain platform as well as build Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Meanwhile, Litecoin continued its bullish trend with LTC recovering back above $90 after dipping below last week following an earlier surge towards record highs during December 2020.

Overall Market Sentiment

Overall sentiments remain positive despite recent fluctuations in certain asset prices – with current levels still being higher than what we had witnessed at any point throughout 2020 so far – multiple project launches from prominent players like Ethereum creating optimism amongst both traders and investors alike regarding longer term prospects for cryptos overall!

Bitcoin Prices Could Soar During Oil Crisis: Arthur Hayes

5. März 2023

• Arthur Hayes, the co-founder of BitMEX, discussed three potential scenarios that could lead to an oil shortage and cause a surge in Bitcoin’s price.
• The first scenario Hayes outlined was a conflict between Iran and the Middle East that results in the closure of the Strait of Hormuz.
• If this happens, it would drastically reduce global oil supply by 17.3 million barrels per day and greatly increase prices.

Oil Crisis Could Moon Bitcoin Prices

BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes published an essay on Thursday outlining „realistic potential situations“ that could make oil prices skyrocket, resulting in a surge for Bitcoin’s price as well. In his blog post titled „Curve Ball,“ Hayes described three possible futures that could lead to an oil supply shortage across the globe given current geopolitical tensions.

Conflict Between Iran And Israel/Saudi Arabia Could Close Strait Of Hormuz

The most likely scenario discussed by Hayes is a conflict between Iran and Israel/Saudi Arabia which would result in the closure of the Strait of Hormuz – one of the world’s largest oil chokepoints between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman – removing 17.3 million barrels per day from global markets. This would create an extreme shortage causing prices to sky rocket due to high demand with low supply.

Large Oil Producers Reducing Production

Hayes also mentioned another potential scenario where large oil producers (Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc.) choose to materially reduce their production levels which again lowers global supply leading to higher prices for consumers worldwide due to increased demand for limited resources.

Critical Infrastructure Taken Offline

The last event mentioned by Hayes is critical infrastructure being taken offline due to deliberate sabotage such as cyberattacks or military strikes against power grids or pipelines used for transportation purposes like those found in Ukraine or Syria recently. Again, this action would further decrease global supplies leading to higher costs for consumers worldwide..

Central Banks Likely To Return To Loose Monetary Policies

In conclusion, if any of these scenarios take place it will have major implications on both energy markets and Bitcoin’s price as central banks around the world are likely respond with looser monetary policies designed to stimulate economic growth during turbulent times such as these.